The 30-Day Cash Flow Blueprint

As a new member, your 30-Day Cash Flow Blueprint is loaded with training and support to guide you on the path to becoming a proficient investor.

Getting Support

Our online Member Center is where you'll find all your training and materials. We support thousands of students, and are always here to help you too. If you ever need help accessing your account, answering billing question, or questions about investing concepts you are learning, it's easy to contact us.

Web Chat located in the bottom right corner of our sites

Email us at customerservice@thecashflowacademy.com

Phone +1 801-515-3681 (NOTE: we're unable to answer questions about training concepts or trades by phone, please use email)

Where To Start

The 30-Day Cash Flow Blueprint gives you a LOT of valuable training. We help thousands of investors, from beginners to advanced. So wherever you are it's important to know you can get where you want to be. Here's how we recommend you go through the training:

1. Watch "New Member Orientation"

This Orientation video will help you understand what the program is all about and how to go through the material.

You can find it in the Member Center by clicking on the "30-Day Cash Flow Blueprint" icon in the dashboard. The video will be right there when you click.

If you are logged in now, you can click here for direct access


2. Watch "Beginning Investor Bootcamp"

This is where we give you the basics of how to set up a brokerage account, how to enter trades into your brokerage software, and more valuable tips you need.

You can find the Bootcamp in The 4 Pillars of Investing training area. Scroll down until you see it listed as one of your bonuses.

If you are logged in now, you can click here for direct access


3. Start The 4 Pillars of Investing Training

When you watch the New Member Orientation, Andy gives you two ways to go through the 4 Pillars course:

* "War Time" mode, which gets you right into cash flow strategies fast, which is for those who are okay with jumping right into the deep end fast

* Regular mode, where you start at the beginning and build your knowledge one step at a time

If you are logged in now, you can click here for direct access

4. Quick Start Labs

We have already registered you for the live Quick Start Labs. If you haven't received the link or need to re-register, go here to quickly register for all remaining live sessions

After each live session is complete, we will upload the recording into the Member Center. You can find it from the dashboard under "Quick Start Labs" then scroll to find the one you want to view.

If you are logged in now, you can click here for direct access

5. Weekly Mentor Club Sessions

Every Monday we record the Mentor Club sessions and post them in the Member Center under "Andy's Mentor Club" for you to view.

These sessions are where Andy and Noah analyze the market, decide on trades to make, place those trades, and then review them every week to determine the next steps.

The Mentor Club is NOT intended as stock picks for you. Instead, it's an educational tool where you see how all the other training we give you is put into practice. And it's a way for you to practice in your own paper account as you learn the ins and outs of the strategies we teach.

If you are logged in now, you can click here for direct access