Cash Flow Is Your Golden Goose (Episode 001)

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Join Andy Tanner on the very first episode of the Cash Flow Academy Show! Learn about the “nest egg” problem – or why saving up cash for retirement can be a bad idea. Then listen as we discuss the solution – cash flow – and the four different assets that will work like a golden goose.

For more information on andy tanner, visit his website here, or connect with him on on twitter or facebook. We’d love to hear your questions, comments, and concerns.

[tweetthis]A person can have a very very small net worth, and still retire because of the cash flow.[/tweetthis]


00:00 – Intro
00:19 – Congratulations for Tuning In
01:48 – Who is Andy Tanner?
03:52 – The Happiness Advantage: Having a Job, Having a Career, and Finding Your Calling
05:59 – Making It Simple: My Calling For You
08:00 – Why Have a Show About Cash Flow?
11:24  – Nest Egg vs. Cash Flow: Why Trying to Build a Nest Egg Fails Retirees
13:45 – The Goose that Laid a Golden Egg: What is Producing New Money?
17:29 – Coming to the Realization: Is Your Job Really a Viable Way to Retire?
18:37 – The Four Different Assets that Will Work Like a Golden Goose
19:56 – The New Education: Why Colleges Should Be Nervous
21:53 – The First Asset: How Real Estate Functions as a Golden Goose
32:11 – The Second Asset: Why Starting a Business is the Greatest Lever
39:40 – The Third Asset: Paper Assets: Making Money on the Downmarket
42:24 – The Fourth Asset: How Commodities Can Produce Cash Flow
45:01 – What The Cash Flow Academy is All About
46:27 – Outro

[tweetthis]If you can pay your bills every month, without having a job, you're free to pursue your calling.[/tweetthis]

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