The Future Of The 401(k) (Episode 54)

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Forty years ago the 401(k) was invented. In this episode Andy speaks with Ted Benna, “The Father Of The 401(k),” about the good, the bad & the ugly of the 401(k). Find out how your retirement is impacted by the 401(k), and what the future of the 401(k) looks like.


5:17: What Lead To The Invention Of The 401(k)?

11:43: Did Ted Know That The 401(k) Would Change The World?

14:30: How Did Wall Street Abuse The 401(k)?

20:59: Did Legislators Intend The 401(k) To Evolve The Way It Did?

23:45: How Has The 401(k) Impacted Retirement?

29:31: What Role Does Financial Education Play In The 401(k)?


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