How History Informs Crypto (Episode 121)


Discover how America’s economic history led to the rise of crypto currencies. Gerald Dwyer joins Andy to discuss how the Free Banking Era, the Fed, and the Gold Standard can inform the future of crypto currencies.


2:27: How Did Americans Banks Print Their Own Currencies?

7:47: What Does Free Banking Teach Us About Crypto Currencies?

12:00: Will Taxes Protect The Dollar?

16:19: Should Crypto Be Viewed As An Investment?

22:59: Is There Obsolescence Risk With Bit Coin?

27:35: Who Is In Charge Of Bit Coin?

30:49: Why Is MMT A Fallacy?

35:01: How Has The Fed Lost Control Of Money?

40:12: What Are Crypto Currencies’ Relationship With Inflation?

48:57: Why Is It Unlikely That Americans Will Understand Fiscal Policy?