The Man Who Invented The 401k (Episode 60)

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The man who actually wrote the 401k joins Andy in this illuminating show. Richard Stanger was a young lawyer who crafted the 869-word insert into the IRS tax code that has changed the world. Find out what Stanger’s intentions were more than 40 years ago, and how he sees the 401k today.


3:20: How Did Stanger Become The Author Of The 401k?

8:12: What Were The Origins Of The 401k?

14:53: How Far-Reaching Did Stanger Originally Envision The 401k?

18:30: How Does Stanger View The 401k 40 Years After Writing It?

20:06: Was The Environment Political When Stanger Wrote The 401k?

25:19: What’s Better: A Pension or A 401k?

28:40: Does Stanger Have A 401k?

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