The Ultimate Adjustment & Repair Playbook

Let us show you how to dynamically manage and adjust your trades to better control risk… mitigate losses… preserve capital… and increase your confidence

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Our recorded video training guides you through the decision tree approach we use in our own trading to help you learn how to adjust your own trades

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The Best Course Ever Created To Help You Dynamically Adjust Your Trades

This powerful set of systematized trading rules and guidelines gives you a decision tree approach to managing each strategy when the underlying asset goes up, down, or sideways

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The Ultimate Adjustment & Repair Playbook

The Right Teacher Is Your Competitive Advantage

Your journey to become a proficient and profitable investor is one of your top goals right now.

That's why it is absolutely critical that you choose the right teacher. Because to achieve your investing goals you must be able to learn these skills… have them ingrained in your mind… and then put them into real practice.

We take this responsibility very seriously. That's why we work hard to create training that makes sense. Everything we do is carefully crafted to make these concepts absolutely simple for you to understand.

With our  team of mentors as your guides, you know that you are in good hands. No one makes options trading as simple, fun, and real as we do.  We guarantee it.


What You Will Learn

The Ultimate Adjustment & Repair Playbook is a master class on five core trading strategies… how to properly apply them… and how to manage and adjust your trades to mitigate risk and maximize gains.

As in everything we teach, this training starts with a solid foundation based on our Four Pillars of Investing approach. Then it gives you a powerful set of systematized trading rules and guidelines gives you a decision tree approach to managing each strategy when the underlying asset goes up, down, or sideways.


  • Naked Puts
  • Dynamic Stock – Protective Puts, Covered Calls, Collars, and Cash Flow Cycle
  • Long Calls
  • Long Puts
  • Credit Spreads

At the end of this course you will:

  • Fully Understand and Implement the 5 Core Strategies – to arm yourself with solid strategies you can go to again and again as you work toward mastering them
  • Know How To Use Our Decision Tree Approach To Adjusting Your Trades  – so you can stay calm in any market situation 
  • Better Control Your Risk – which helps you stay on the right side of trades 
  • Mitigate Losses – so you can keep your portfolio from getting blown out like other traders who lack the education to make this intelligent moves
  • Preserve Your Capital – so your portfolio can continue to grow instead of playing catch up from disastrous losses
  • Increase Your Confidence – through having a solid understanding and a game plan of how to fix and improve your trades no matter what the market throws at you
  • And much, much more


“Immensely helpful. Provided with the opportunity to see the whole process over and over again,  I have a solid foundation for proper practice. I am a complete newbie in financial education and I am able to get on the “fast-track” of practicing trades without having to navigate the mysterious nuances on my own. How many folks out there trading in options understand how instrumental are the greeks?” – Kristen Krievin

“Even though I knew what each of the 6 possible trades does, I had not taken the next step of adding a trade to make the initial trade a completely different trade.  For example, adding a short call to an existing short put to shift down the breakeven point.  I wish I would have known about this sooner.” – Kai Skarbo

The expectations were met. I was happy that it was not a rip-off. Yeah it does cost quite a money but it pays off through better returns on investments.” – Marko Hrvojevic

“This is the class I needed.  Anyone can get into a trade.  And if all goes well, it is pretty simple to get out with a profit.  The challenge we face as traders, is what do we do when the market moves against us.  One big loss can wipe out all of your profits and more.  Noah's class gave us the tools to make better entry and exit decisions.  More importantly, you get to the tools to understand what to do when the market moves against you.  Because of this class I have been able to shrink my losses, have turned some losers into winners, and have improved my percentage of winners and profitability.  Highly recommend the class.” – Barry Wilber

“The playbook training has shown me I was not as complete in reviewing my trades as I should have been. The four C's and the live sessions showing how to implement them.” – Calvin Church

Very happy to get the trade adjustment flowcharts. As an engineer by trade, I really like the structure/outline of the flowcharts. I'm still working to better implement the Protective Call Write (PCW), but I see a really powerful tool for limiting risk when implemented correctly.” – Todd Brewster

“It takes The 4 Pillars and the Ultimate Options classes which were more of an educational setting and brings it live into the market. ” – Rob Bernardo

“It’s like this course gives us the tools and the security of knowing what to do in each situation, not only to reduce losses but often to come out of a complex place with a profit.” – Federico Melogno

What I like the most is that the explanations are in step by step order and easy to follow. Just the other day I had to throw on a defensive ITM Call on stock, what I did was just rewind the tape to where Noah explains what, how and why and it worked perfectly. That is the power of Repair Playbook. Now I am more confident in what I am doing because I have the repair manual in my hands.” – Marko Hrvojevic

The Playbook training is the ultimate in risk management. It teaches how to flow with the market as the market changes.  I have learned how to hedge, and beta weight my portfolio in addition to trade adjustments when stock prices change. Learning how to set alerts and where to set them has been invaluable to saving time but also in adjusting the trade before it gets out of hand. Knowing how to pick strike prices and expiration dates for the different option strategies and adjusting them as the market changes has helped me become more profitable in my trades. ” – Kerry Bushue

I think just how broad the training is and how Noah covers basically every type of trade possible is a huge benefit!  So no matter if a trader only has one or two trading methods they like (ex: covered calls, bull put credit spreads, etc.) or if they like to trade numerous trading methods, Noah has covered them all.” – Andrew Abt

The surprise is that you enjoy the scenarios used because it help to  build and give confidence regardless of whether you are a trader or investing newbie.” – Brenden August

I’ve taken options classes that cost 3-4 times the cost of this course that did not cover a tenth what this provides.  In addition, I can review it again as many times as I want or need.” – Jim Cordill

I like how Noah goes back and forth between discussing the ideas and then showing real applications of them. His commentary as he makes the adjustments is in many ways the most important part for me. Getting a chance to hear Noah's thought process as he actually applies the adjustments is the part that I need the most.” – Paul Streitman

I didn’t know much about a protective call before this and with the recent market volatility and bearish trend, I have been able to successfully hedge some long positions and short puts to offset draw downs in my account. I haven’t been perfect and I’ve learned from Andy and Noah that that’s ok. Nobody can time the market but this training has helped me tremendously. I only got into serious investing in summer 2020 after the Covid drop in the market so this is a new experience in hedging the bearish trends and has truly made me more confident.” – Ben Thompson

Don’t hesitate, get involved immediately. Even if you're not completely comfortable with your understanding of options trading this course helps with the total picture.” – Robert Hullinger

I am a visual learner so I love that Noah provides a flow chart in order to help make decisions and the explains the decisions/options that I have when making adjustments.” – Gilbert Lopez

Adding additional risk management skills to my portfolio has been very helpful.  I have been able to protect a couple of stock positions during significant corrections already.  Collaring during earnings has already paid for my additional training investment.” – Todd Brewster

These are the answers to the questions I have had since I took Ultimate Options. UO is great, but there was a gap between guidelines and real life experience. It feels like I am having a mentorship directly with Noah.” – Mathias Lanni

This is excellent program to help you understand how not to get in trouble and how to get out of trouble if something doesn't go as planned.” – Mark Persaud

The way Noah lets us into his thinking process is priceless and I enjoy the countless practical example because they truly drive the point home on the theoretical discussion and the fact that Noah picks various stocks to demonstrate (different price range and industry) offer a great array of examples.” – Agnes Szikora

I believe if you want to pursue and be a great option trader you should take this course with Noah.” – Usama Salim

The playbook has really turned the tide for me for understanding how to protect my trades.” – Adam Alder

This is like going into Noah's brain and experiencing and learning his thought process. Noah's meticulous explanation was extremely helpful and just as i thought i learnt everything, but as i execute simulated trades, questions start coming up and going back to the lessons and re-listening carefully to Noah's explanations makes the light bulb lights up. ” – Eawin Tan

I would say that the Playbook gives you the confidence to feel like you’re heading to the right side of the education continuum and know how to handle choppy seas when needed.” – Tom Momary

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The Ultimate Adjustment & Repair Playbook

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