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We are dedicated to accomplishing the Rich Dad mission of elevating the financial well-being of mankind.

Specifically, we help our students discover how to create additional streams of income through the stock market. We focus on safe, steady strategies that you can do on your own in your spare time.

But it all starts with your desire to grow your financial education. Let us help you gain the knowledge and skills that will bring you ongoing returns throughout your lifetime.

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Andy Tanner
Author, Speaker, Rich Dad Advisor
Founder – The Cash Flow Academy

Free Information Webclasses

To get a better understanding of our stock investing strategies and teaching style, we recommend that you watch one or more of our informative webclasses. These are instant replays of our most popular classes you can watch right now:

"How To Invest During A Crisis"

Whether it's the real estate bubble, Covid-19, or the ongoing instability of our market, market crashes are a reality. That's why we train our students to know how to protect themselves in a crisis environment, how to look for bargains, and how to generate ongoing cash flow. This important free training walks you through how we do it.

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"Go From Zero To Cash Flow"

Many of our students start their investing with very small accounts – sometimes nothing. In this training, Andy Tanner walks you through the process of what to do if you're in this same situation. The good news is, you can get started on your investing journey now and grow as you're able to slowly build your asset base.

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"How To Escape The Rat Race With Billionaire Stock Strategies"

If your goal is to escape the rat race and control your income, then don't miss this important training. You will see how it's possible for anyone to generate their own income using our safe and steady investing strategies.

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Where To Start: Online Training Courses

Whether you are brand-new to stock investing or you have a lot of experience, The Cash Flow Academy has training programs and services to help you achieve your investing goals. Choose the right program for you below...

The 4 Pillars of Investing


The 4 Pillars of Investing online training program is designed to help build your foundation of investing knowledge from square one. And we build your KNOWLEDGE so you can get on the path to investing on your own, because you will never become a successful investor with tips from personal finance magazines and talk shows. The 4 Pillars of Investing gives you the lessons we have learned from many years of stock investing – both good and bad. This is the real key to becoming a successful investor: making smart decisions to maximize your profits and minimize your losses.

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The Mentor Club


This is the best way to immerse yourself in real-world stock investing: watch how real traders analyze and trade the markets every week. That’s what The Mentor Club is all about. We give you excellent training, new insights, and show you how you can become a successful investor yourself. Watching how we trade also gives you a high degree of confidence so you’ll know you’re doing it right.

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Ultimate Options


Ultimate Options is the best options training ever created. You will gain the knowledge and insight to increase your cash flow, grow your wealth, and control your risk with this comprehensive in-depth look at all the ways you can intelligently profit with options.

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Free Bonus Training: Shorting the Dollar

Enjoy this FREE training series from Andy about how you can short the US Dollar (or any currency) to your benefit.

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