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You'll discover how to create TWO types of investment income… and then see how to re-invest that capital into growth stocks with huge upside potential!

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THE ULTIMATE adjustment & repAIR Playbook PREVIEW

Because most trades rarely go exactly as planned, you need the skills to monitor and adjust those trades to your advantage

"This is the class I needed."
Barry Wilber
"It's like Mentor Club on steroids!"
Kristen Krievin
"The Playbook is the real deal."
Marko Hrvojevic

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"I’m so impressed with Noah’s level of detail and the decision matrices he is laying out for us. I’ve always loved Andy and Noah’s rapport in Mentor Club and always hoped Noah would teach a course sometime, what with all the expert knowledge he has of trade adjustments and managing positions. I had always hoped we could get a sort of recipe out of Noah’s playbook on how to handle trades….if a trade is going this way, you can tackle it one of 3 ways, boom, boom, boom. Not telling us what to do per se but arming us with the rules that he uses and guideposts he looks for so that we can mold it to our own trading style and strategy."
Tom Momary
"The Trade Adjustment & Repair Playbook give excellent practical examples and allow me the apply them in testing account, from the reading the charts and understanding reversals and confirmations, knowing when to apply each strategy, how to leg in to Butterfly's more effectively to maximize returns. The Spreadsheet has been great and I have been using it review potential trades more higher probability, success and ROI."
Mark Persaud
"I like how Noah goes back and forth between discussing the ideas and then showing real applications of them in TOS. His commentary as he makes the adjustments is in many ways the most important part for me. Getting a chance to hear Noah's thought process as he actually applies the adjustments is the part that I need the most. He does this in Mentor Club too, of course, but the Playbook is more directed at this topic specifically and seems intended for a somewhat more advanced audience. Andy said that learning should be fun. This is."
Paul Streitma
"This is the real deal. If I had to choose anything to learn it would be this. No more wondering what to do when it goes wrong. I am gonna make sure that my kids also learn it when the time comes. This is like learning the survival skills to make fire, build shelter. Absolute must."
Marko Hrvojevic
"There are few investments where you KNOW you're getting more worth than the money you put in- for me The Playbook belongs to these rare unicorns. I think the chief benefit is the confidence that such a Playbook gives. I feel that by the time I'm done with it (and with UO that I'm doing together), I'll have a good enough vision to manage any losing trade so that it doesn't break my portfolio and that's a darned sweet feeling."
Agnes Szikora
"The Playbook has helped me place better trades to begin with, and understand when to hedge. I am now hedging and adjusting quicker than I was doing in the past, and this has helped me be clear headed in my decision making process. These are the answers to the questions I have had since I took Ultimate Options. It feels like I am having a mentorship directly with Noah. This is the training I was waiting for! Am grateful to Noah and team for putting this together."
Mathias Lanni
"This is the class I needed. Anyone can get into a trade. And if all goes well, it is pretty simple to get out with a profit. The challenge we face as traders is what do we do when the market moves against us. One big loss can wipe out all of your profits and more. Noah's class gave us the tools to make better entry and exit decisions. More importantly, you get the tools to understand what to do when the market moves against you. Because of this class I have been able to shrink my losses, have turned some losers into winners, and have improved my percentage of winners and profitability. Highly recommend The Playbook."
Barry Wilber
"If you are interested in learning how to be a better trader or investor then The Ultimate Trade Adjustment & Repair Playbook can open your eyes to how a professional trader/investor thinks and makes decisions. The Playbook walks you through each option strategy with real market examples that are followed as the market changes. It show you how to pick the stocks, set up the trades, how to monitor the trades, how to set alerts and when to take profits. All education takes time. I have watched each strategy many, many times and each time I make more notes and learn a little more. It is a process that will build your confidence and make you a better trader/investor."
Kerry Bushue

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