Become Your Own Bank (Episode 014)

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Patrick Donohoe of Paradigm Life joins Andy Tanner to talk about cashflow and investing. In this episode, Patrick and Andy talk about using life insurance to essentially become your own bank. They also talk about the importance of expanding your mind when investing.

Show Notes:

[00:00:20] Introduction

[00:00:36] Patrick Donohoe guest

[00:02:23] Everyone has money problems

[00:03:40] Expanding you mind when it comes to investment

[00:03:56] Patrick's background

[00:05:37] Connections & Disconnections in Education

[00:07:58] Find your passion

[00:09:11] Talking about cashflow

[00:10:28] Building the foundation

[00:12:48] Comparing insurance vs other traditional investments

[00:15:10] Borrowing money from yourself (Become your own bank)

[00:20:32] Replacing traditional banking

[00:22:31] The typical type of person who uses this type of insurance

[00:26:04] The educational side of Paradigm Life

[00:28:19] (Get free education)

[00:31:37] Wrap-up / Conclusion


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