New Report from the Congressional Budget Office

Andy’s thoughts on the new report from the Congressional Budget Office. (Spoiler: It’s not looking great for the US).  It’s now more important than ever to become financially educated!

A Fun ‘Just in Case’ Trade

Today is Wednesday March 15, 2017. The Fed is expected to announce a rate hike today. So the question is, how will this affect us as investors? And is there a way for us to profit in this situation? Watch this short video to see how Andy sets up a “Just In Case” trade – … Read More

Andy’s Take: Boomers Will Continue to Struggle

So many people nearing retirement are often caught short of what they thought they would need to live comfortably. Learn how to create a positive cash flow now so that you can live well and have a dream retirement instead of struggling to get by. Read the full article here.