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Join Andy and Corey LIVE as they find and execute trades that pay up front in real market situations and how they increase the probability of success by focusing on price ranges instead of direction.

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What the Quick Start Labs Give You

There are various ways to earn profits from stocks. In the Quick Start Labs, we focus on one strategy: We show you how we find and execute trades that pay us up front instead of having to wait. We also work in real market situations to show you how we can increase the probability of success by focusing on price ranges instead of direction.

In the Quick Start Labs, we do these trades live, and they are real. You'll see how we deal with whatever the market brings, no matter the situation or emergency. In 2020, we had the COVID crisis, and 2021 brought the Fed bubble, and 2022 gave us the war in Ukraine.

Join us as we show you how we're working to set up trades that pay up front no matter what the conditions are around us.

Join us to see how we look at current market trends.

We show you how we analyze different market sectors to determine relative strengths and weaknesses.

We show you how to open and trade a demo account so you can practice along as we trade our own demo account.

We show you how we use some of our favorite income-generating stock strategies.

You learn how to calculate the probability of win/loss on all of your trades and to calculate risk/reward ratios.

Using our rules for income trades, you’ll see how we take live trades with a clear focus and how we manage those live trades in the market.

You’ll receive an introduction to valuable option repair and adjustment strategies so you can protect your position even if the market goes against you.

See real examples of rolling up, down, or out and delta hedging. We’ll explain what they are and how we use them.

And much more!

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Your registration gives you access to all previous years of the Quick Start Labs, going back to 2015. That's a valuable library of training to help you see how investors can position themselves to generate income in any market situation—from times of peace and prosperity to war and a global pandemic. This is vital training designed to get you up to speed fast.

ORDER NOW! Live Sessions Begin Next Spring

The Right Teachers Are Your Competitive Advantage

Your journey to become a proficient and profitable investor is one of your top goals right now.

That's why it is absolutely critical that you choose the right teacher. Because to achieve your investing goals, you must be able to learn these skills, have them ingrained in your mind, and then put them into real practice.

We take this responsibility very seriously. That's why we work hard to create training that makes sense. Everything we do is carefully crafted to make these concepts absolutely simple for you to understand.

With Andy and his team of mentors as your guides, you know that you are in good hands. No one makes options trading as simple, fun, and real as we do. We guarantee it.

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