Educating Our Children (Episode 017)

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Join Andy Tanner on this episode of the Cash Flow Academy as we talk about the education of our children. Listen as we discuss who should decide what our children learn? How do we decide what education is valuable and worth investing in, and what are the best ways to educate children?

If you have questions for Andy about your own financial education or how to educate your kids, connect with him on on twitter or facebook. He’d love to hear your questions, comments, and ideas!

Show Notes:

[00:00] Intro

[00:19] Welcome to the Cash Flow Academy!

[01:57] What Do You Have to Stay About Teaching Children Financial Education?

[02:46] Value is in the Eye of the Beholder: What Education is Valuable to Us?

[05:32] Education: If It's Valuable, It's Worth Investing In

[07:36] What's Wrong With a School Board

[08:07] The Education Hierarchy

[11:12] Who should decide what a kid learns?

[13:42] Key Questions to Ask Ourselves About Education

[17:02] How do we Educate Our Kids:

[25:16] Be Transparent With Your Own Work As an Educational Experience

[29:15] Summary of Concepts:

  1. Giving them the Opportunity
  2. Introduce Education in a Form that's Experiential
    • Playing Games
    • Real Life Experience
  3. Getting them involved in your own investments and mistakes
  4. Let Them Teach It

[31:47] Letting Them Teach It: Utilizing a Family Night

[40:41] Outro


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