Gold (Episode 024)

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Welcome to the twenty fourth episode of the Cash Flow Academy! Today, Andy Tanner is talking about a recent meeting with the top financial minds inside the Rich Dad organization. They talk about one of the most important and timely topics, gold investing.

If you have questions for Andy about your own financial education connect with him on twitter or facebook. He’d love to hear your questions, comments, and ideas!

Show Notes

00:00 Intro

02:05 Talking about James Rickards new book “The New Case of Gold”

03:06 The single point of failure of the dollar is confidence

05:20 What is money? (going beyond the basics)

08:09 Gold contains all the valuable elements chemically and financially

09:41 Arguing the case: Gold IS NOT an investment

12:53 Why gold is not a commodity even though it’s traded on commodity exchanges

13:40 Should you invest in gold ETFs?

14:56 The history of the monetary collapse – going off the gold standard

15:15 Who’s buying the gold right now and how it affects you!

16:15 Understanding gold provides a frame of reference for the future

17:48 Look at gold as protection and insurance not an investment

21:21 Going social (paper) to primal (gold)

22:39 How gold is an insurance

26:10 The differences in ETFs, Real Estate, Stocks and Gold

29:41 What confidence do we have in the dollar?

30:25 Gold is a stored value

33:08 Wrapping up on how gold may or may not fit as a purchase

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