Aug 7, 2023

The Best Way to Learn: My Education in Active Learning (Episode 002)

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Welcome to the second episode of Cash Flow Academy, and congratulations for listening! Join Andy Tanner as he discusses how he got into the cash flow business. Learn how to tell if someone is serious about wanting to learn, and about the importance of active learning.

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If you want to learn financial education, begin to teach financial education.

The worst way to learn is to read:

0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Why We'd Like You to Get Paid for Listening
2:09 – Where Does Cash Flow Come From?
3:41 – Is It Because You Don't Have Money, or Is It Because You Don't Know How to Have Money?
5:02 – The Things You Can't Learn In School: What I Learned on the Basketball Floor
10:14 – How I Got Into the Cash Flow Business: Learning by Doing
12:34 – Have You Read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People? The Shortcomings of Reading
19:26 – If You Want to Make Money, Don't Read Books, Write Them
20:37 – If You Want to Learn Financial Education, Teach Financial Education
25:44 – So You Think You Want to be Rich? What I Learned From My Friend Rich's Rich Dad
27:20 – I Want to Play the Piano: Three Ways to Know If You're Serious
31:30 – Active Learning Means Mistakes, and That's a Good Thing
33:25 – The Continual Learning Process: When Does it End?
34:02 – The Takeaways: What You Need to Remember
36:39 – Outro

Very few people think of writing a book as an educational experience.

Mistakes are so wonderful in active learning, because teach us so much.