Small Group Coaching

For the 4 Pillars of Investing

A Guided Process to Help You Put this Valuable Training into Practice


To accelerate your learning, the six Small Group Coaching sessions will be held WEEKLY so you can start taking action ASAP!

  • This is the single most important investment you can make for yourself and the ROI will be infinite! I already made my money back from a few trades I placed with the knowledge from the 4 Pillars Coaching.

    Not only are the weekly meetings helpful but the recordings and materials can be seen over and over again to practice with the coaching sessions.

    I personally like the feeling of being coached from the basics all the way to making option trades. Having a coach who is interested in knowing what 'wins' I had in the past week as well as support throughout the week if help is needed.
    – Dennys Bejarano
  • The cash flow strategies were very helpful, specifically the use of spreads. The techniques for reducing risk were also very compelling, including the use of options to reduce equity risk and large move risk, and the sizing of trades.

    Perhaps even more useful was the nuts and bolts, or step by step guidance, of using the trading platforms and implementing the techniques, from how to get the information that would be meaningful for trade decisions to how to implement and track trades. Really great stuff!
    – Brendan Kennedy
  • The 4 Pillars class teaches so much about the world of investing, and the coaching program shows you how to then put it in to practice.

    I would like to say thank you to Andy and your team for building this program. It has helped me so much it is hard to put into words. I knew that this was the real deal and I was not mistaken. Your teaching methods are awesome and I feel like I know you even though we haven't met.
    – Craig Ryan

How The Coaching Program Works

Prerequisite: The 4 Pillars of Investing

To be eligible to participate in this Small Group Coaching program, you need to first own The 4 Pillars of Investing training course. This is available on its own or as part of The 30-Day Cash Flow Blueprint.

If you don't yet have this course:

You can go here to register for The 4 Pillars of Investing course

Or you can go here for The 30-Day Cash Flow Blueprint

Your Small Group

We've developed an intensive curriculum to guide you through The 4 Pillars of Investing to help build your confidence so you can find your own stock investing opportunities... analyze the financial health to determine if it's a wise choice... set up cash flow trades in your own practice account... monitor your positions and make adjustments as needed... and more.

You will participate once a week in a private online session with no more than six students in your group. This gives you the benefit of learning in a group environment while still getting plenty of individual attention from your coach and interaction with your fellow group members.

We have found that groups provide a valuable learning environment as you learn through interaction and the questions of others.

Your coach is trained by Andy Tanner and Corey Halliday to help push you to complete valuable learning assignments based on our 4 Pillars approach to investing and trading.

At the end of the six coaching sessions, you will know how to:

    • Analyze fundamentals
    • Read the basics of charts
    • Choose positions and place practice trades
    • Manage your risk to minimize losses



Mondays @6:30pm Eastern (begins February 1 for 6 total sessions)

Thursdays @4:30pm Eastern (begins February 9 for 6 total sessions)

Wednesdays @11:00am Eastern (begins February 17 for 6 total sessions)


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Weekly Coaching Forums

In addition to the live Small Group Coaching Sessions, you will also be able to attend a weekly Coaching Forum for additional training and insight. Each week one of our coaches will guide all current coaching students through a short lesson that combines your 4 Pillars learning with real world investing situations that are relevant that week. You will be able to interact with the coach and the group to ask questions and see how what you are learning can be applied in the market that very week.

Coaching Email Hotline Access

As a coaching student, you will receive exclusive email hotline access direct to our coaching team. Since we keep our groups small, this ensures you will receive quick and in-depth answers to ensure you are learning and progressing. We will give you help with your assignments and feedback on specific practice trades you are entering.

As you know, we don't give trade recommendations nor will we tell you if your idea is good or bad. But we will listen to what you are trying to achieve with a trade, see if you are entering it correctly, and give you feedback on blindspots you may not foresee.

Limited Spots Available – Enroll Now

Demand for Small Group Coaching is very high. There are only a limited number of groups available at one time. Each group will have a maximum of just six students. Groups fill up very quickly when they become available.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I attend the weekly sessions live?

The Mentor Club sessions are not available for you to participate live with us. Instead, each week’s session is recorded and the video placed in your private member’s only area for repeated viewing.

How are the mentoring sessions structured?

We follow roughly the same format for each session so you will get in the habit of analyzing the markets in our checklist format. Our analysis format is based on my 4 Pillars of Investing process that I’ve developed to properly analyze any investment situation to ensure there is profit opportunity and the ability to protect ourselves from the risk present in any investing situation.

How is Andy's Mentor Club better than a training course?

Gaining investing knowledge and education is essential for any investor to achieve success. That’s what training courses such as my 4 Pillars of Investing is all about. But this Mentor Club is designed for those who are ready to move beyond ‘book learning’ so you can see how professional traders and analysts go through their routines to find and trade stocks that generate reliable cash flow. That’s what we do in Andy’s Mentor Club. We let you peek in on our weekly sessions so you can follow along and learn from our routines. As you follow our trades in your own practice account, you will gain valuable experience and knowledge of how to put knowledge into practice.

How will I access each session?

When each weekly session is posted in the member’s area, you will receive an email notification telling you that it’s available for immediate access. This is usually sent to you late Sunday evening or early Monday morning.

What if I'm brand new to trading and investing. Will the Mentor Club still be useful to me?

Though it’s helpful if you have gone through my 4 Pillars of Investing program, it’s certainly not essential. It may take you a bit of time to get up to speed on some of the terms and concepts we’re showing you. However, the experience of listening, watching, and following along is vital no matter if you’re brand new to trading or have been doing it for a long time.

What if I want more advanced training or mentoring?

When you are ready, we can help you get the right training or advanced mentoring you are looking for.

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