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Welcome! Based on your responses to our Investor Profile Quiz, you are a Wealth Master. This means you have attained a strong level of learning and real-world investing experience.
As a Wealth Master, you know the value of investing knowledge and skills. With the ability to incorporate more advanced strategies into your current investing, you are in a unique position to achieve more than most investors.

Your Quiz Results

Your continuing investing journey is filled with new approaches to explore, advanced strategies to gain, and legacy-building decisions to implement. By regularly revisiting your goals and ensuring your have the skills to achieve them, you will be putting yourself on the path to investing proficiency.

Your Investor Profile

The Wealth Master

Moving Toward Proficiency

Every milestone you’ve reached and every decision you've made has brought you to this point. Your dedication to learning and growing will be the most valuable assets to your ongoing success.

Your Risk Tolerance

Based on your experience and accumulated wisdom, you have an eyes-wide-open relationship with risk. Wealth Masters such as yourself don't shy away from risk; instead, they embrace it, knowing that intelligently managing risk is vital for investing success.

Your Level of Knowledge

With your higher-than-average level of investing knowledge, you stand above most others who are just dabbling in the world of investing. The time you have taken to grow your financial knowledge has paid off in terms of whatever levels of investing success you have gained this far. Yet as with any lifelong learner, you know there is still more knowledge to be gained that can help you reap even greater rewards.

Your Wealth-Creation Approach:

Because you have moved beyond the foundational stages of investing knowledge, you are now ready for additional strategies and methods. Now, it's about goal alignment and legacy building.

“Every milestone you’ve reached and every decision you've made has brought you to this point. Your dedication to learning and growing will be the most valuable assets to your ongoing success.” 

Potential Roadblocks

Potential Challenges

Being a Wealth Master doesn't mean you have reached a final destination. As with any worthy effort, learning never ceases. Your ongoing path to mastery in this arena and your willingness to stay ahead are your most important strengths.


At this elevated stage, it can be easy to become overly confident due to past success. Remember, every investment comes with its unique challenges. Constantly reassessing what you want to achieve and seeking time-tested strategies to get you there can keep you grounded and on-track.


Years of experience and success might lead to a sense of complacency. Perhaps shifting your approach to profitable strategies that work in all market conditions can help you avoid painful losses and keep your growth heading in the right direction.

Complex Risk Management

With a diversified and substantial portfolio, managing risk becomes more intricate. While you've mastered basic risk management, navigating the complexities of larger investments and interconnected markets is paramount.

Legacy and Continuation

As a Wealth Master, one of your concerns might be ensuring that your wealth not only grows but also continues and benefits future generations. It's about making decisions now that stand the test of time.

Learning Paths

Wealth Master

Advanced Learning Path

As a Wealth Master, your investing strategies can now be tightly aligned with whatever goals you may have, such as wealth building to a specific target, replacing your employment income, or generating retirement income to live your dream lifestyle. Based on that, your future moves will be based on your unique desires.

Specialized Courses

As a Wealth Master, basic courses might be redundant for you. Instead, seek specialized courses diving into investment strategies that can keep your money growing in any types of market conditions. Additionally, advanced risk management training can help you avoid big losses that can seriously affect your overall wealth.

Hands-On Immersion

Augment your course knowledge with immersive real-time experiences. This approach empowers you to:


  • Recognize viable investment prospects
  • Master stock purchases
  • Implement effective cash-flow tactics
  • Practice to build confidence before committing real money

Guided Mentorship

Amplify your learning curve with targeted coaching. Whether in intimate groups or personalized one-on-one sessions, collaborating with a seasoned investment guru can expedite your proficiency. Under their tutelage, you can continue growing toward becoming a proficient investor more rapidly and efficiently than journeying solo.

Mastermind Groups

Surrounding yourself with fellow Wealth Masters can be invaluable. Mastermind groups provide a platform to share insights, deliberate on global investment trends, challenge each other's strategies, and unearth unique opportunities. Such groups not only fortify your strategies but can also lead to potential collaborations and partnerships.