Risk Management and Insurance (Episode 021)

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Welcome to the twenty first episode of the Cash Flow Academy, here today with Andy Tanner and special guest Patrick Donohoe to talk about Insurance and Risk Management. Today, join us to learn about what insurance is, why it works so well, and what goes wrong when it doesn’t work. Find out how insurance can be a smart investment, if you understand the insurance market and can understand a fundamental analysis of that market.

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Show Notes:

[00:00] Intro

[00:50] Introducing Patrick Donohoe  

[02:17] Insurance and Risk Management  


[06:28] Seek-Win-Win

[10:37] The Big Short – How People Made Money on the Crash

[17:30] What Was The Problem with the Rating Agencies in the Housing Crisis?

[21:28] Integrity in the Mortgage Industry

[26:43] How Can Insurance Be a Smart Investment?

[29:52] China & Information Control

[33:38] The Importance of Fundamental Analysis

[35:23] Contacting Patrick Donohoe

[39:28] The Problem With Advice

[42:31] Outro

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