The Fundamentals of FX Trading (Episode 019)

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Welcome to the next episode of the Cash Flow Academy! In this episode, Andy Tanner interviews fellow financial educator and trader Jeff Crystal about his job, the foreign exchange market, advice for beginning traders, international currency, US fiscal policy, and more. This episode does more than skim the service of investing and markets – so make sure not to miss it!

If you have questions for Andy about finding mentors, connect with him on twitter or Facebook. He’d love to hear your questions, comments, and ideas!

Show Notes:

[00:00] Intro

[00:36] Introducing Our Guest, Jeff Crystal

[02:07] How Jeff Crystal Started Trading

[07:51] Why Do People Differentiate Between Traders and Investors?

[08:42] ROT – Return on Time, and It's Effect on Traders

[13:03] Why Do You Lean Toward the FX (Foreign Exchange Market) For Beginning Traders?

[16:11] What Would You Recommend Beginning Traders Learn?

[19:04] What Are Some Important Topics You Teach?

  • Trade Identification
  • Trade Management
  • Trade Sizing

[21:30] What Are the Fundamentals of FX Trading?

[22:55] What Does Currency Devaluation Mean?

[26:55] Fiscal and Monetary Policy in the United States

[30:01] The Relationship Between the Future Fiscal Crisis and Monetary Policy

[33:22] How Does Fiscal Irresponsibility Affect U.S. Currency?

[40:59] How Does a Person Make Money on the FX Market off Devaluing Currency?

[45:53] Thoughts On Getting Involved in the Oil Market

[54:54] The Importance of Mentoring

[56:21] Outro

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