The Trap of Advice (Episode 012)

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Andy Tanner talks about the difference of good financial advice vs. solid financial education. Successful investors know that financial education is more important and keeps you free. So many people are caught in the trap of assets under management and in this episode you’ll learn how to avoid that problem.

Show Notes:

[00:00] Intro
[00:19] Overview
[01:17] The trap of financial advice
[02:40] Advice doesn’t make you any smarter
[03:05] My book 401kaos talks about the traps
[03:49] Financial Education Tip #1
[06:47] Don’t bash an asset class
[07:27] Separating education from investment gets you in trouble
[10:12] Every deal has it’s own DNA
[11:13] Financial Education Tip #2
[15:40] Why most people never get rich
[20:03] Financial Education Tip #3
[23:40] Life skills vs. skills for hire
[24:36] Education simplifies the complex
[28:02] Financial Education Tip #4

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