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With so many elements in society spinning downward,
discover how to gain back control over your life

October 15th, 2045

8pm EST, 6pm PST, 5:00pm MST


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Detailed Instruction

Watch us interpret the market each week and find good trades to generate cash flow.

Practical Training

See how we use our 4 Pillars of Investing approach for greater confidence and safety.

Exclusive Access

See how we use our 4 Pillars of Investing approach for greater confidence and safety.

Weekly Focused Sessions

Identify excellent trading opportunities with a trusted mentor every week.


How is the stock market a smart refuge from inflation?

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See why billionaire investors like Warren Buffett use stocks in ALL market and economic conditions.

Is the current market drop a good opportunity to find good deals on stocks?

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Together we'll examine how smart investors look at inflationary periods to protect their assets and be ready for investing opportunities.

What should I be doing now?

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We'll look at how most people deal with this question vs. how educated people deal with it.

What are billionaires doing right now that I should copy?

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We'll discuss how stocks allow anyone to own the best businesses in the world, the ability to generate ongoing cash flow, the liquidity of the stock market, and more.

What's the #1 skill I should have to protect myself right now?

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We'll show you what separates the wealthy from everyone else, and how they are able to continue accelerating their wealth.

Is there a way for an average person to create their own income from stocks?

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We teach smart “cash flow” investing to students in 108 countries worldwide, and we'll show you how you can learn the same strategies.

Meet Your Trainers

Since 2011 The Cash Flow Academy is dedicated itself to improving the financial education of investing students around the world. With students in 108 countries we, our training courses are designed to help anyone understand these principles and grow their knowledge and confidence. Join us to see how we can help you increase your financial IQ too!
Andy Tanner
Noah Davidson
Corey Halliday


Founder & Head Instructor

With a long time passion for Teaching, Investing, Entrepreneurship, and Self Development, Andy has devoted his career to training and inspiring motivated people all over the world.

Andy’s passion for helping investors and entrepreneurs shows through in everything he does: The Cash Flow Academy Show podcast, regular investing update videos and commentary, interviews with top experts, and focused training programs. The goal with The Cash Flow Academy is to make everything fun, simple, and real.

The Cash Flow Academy was founded by Andy Tanner, a lifelong teacher and student of investing. Our mission at The Cash Flow Academy is to empower and inspire people to discover how to create their own income.

We show you what it really takes to become in control and self-sufficient. Let us introduce you to successful investors, entrepreneurs, and other inspirational experts who can help guide you to achieve your goals.