401(k)s Just Got Worse (Episode 84)


A new law has taken the 401(k) from bad to worse for employees. In this timely episode, Andy and the CashFlow Academy faculty discuss The Secure Act. Discover how your 401(k) is impacted and what you can do prepare for your retirement.


2:31: What Do The Security Act & Social Security Have In Common?

4:34: How Does The Security Act Change 401(k)s?

9:59: What Lesson Can We Learn From The Pension Protection Act?

11:32: Why Is Wall St. Happy To Not Charge Fees For Stock Trades?

19:16: What Are The 3 New Ways You Get Pinched By Having A 401(k)?

24:32: Why Is The Median 401(k) Unable To Provide For Retirement?

32:07: How Does The Employee Always Lose With A 401(k)?

38:48: Why Does Wall St. Always Push For Automatic Enrollment?

46:13: How Can You Overcome The Risks Of A 401(k)?

50:01: How Does Wall St. Suck Wealth From Your 401(k)?