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Financial Cold War (Episode 139)

SUMMARY: Discover how America and China are waging a financial war that impacts every citizen around the globe. SHOW NOTES: …

Getting Started As An Entrepreneur (Episode 138)

SUMMARY: Discover how to start a business, or transition from an employee to a business owner.  SHOW NOTES: 3:34: How …

Commodities Crisis (Episode 137)

SUMMARY: Gas prices are soaring. Food prices are spiking. Discover how commodities markets are contributing to economic chaos around the …

Shield Against Uncertainty (Episode 136)

SUMMARY: Discover what it takes to successfully trade as uncertainty in the economy rises. Alex Gurevich joins Andy to discuss …

Gamestop Lessons (Episode 135)

SUMMARY: Discover what the GameStop/Reddit/Robinhood Revolution exposed about investing. Spencer Jakab joins Andy with analysis of this historic chapter in …

Debt Paradox (Episode 134)

SUMMARY: Discover how personal and public debt has reached an inflection point. Richard Vague joins Andy to discuss realistic ways …

Free Market (Episode 133)

SUMMARY: Discover how free capitalist markets really are. Nicholas Wapshott joins Andy to discuss the ongoing debate about government influence …

Money's Midlife Crisis (Episode 132)

SUMMARY: Discover how money is quickly changing under Modern Monetary Theory, low interest rates and income inequality. Zvi Schreiber joins …

The Value Of Index Funds (Episode 131)

SUMMARY: Discover how the invention of index funds changed forever the way stocks are bought and sold. SHOW NOTES: 8:56: …

Economic Sins (Episode 130)

Summary: Just like The Seven Deadly Sins, there are Seven Economic Sins that can impede success in business. James Otteson …

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Hollowed Out (Episode 127)

SUMMARY: Schools have become a lightning rod for our national divisiveness. Discover how technology and the failure of adults are hollowing out America’s youth. Jeremy

Red-Hot Real Estate (Episode 126)

SUMMARY: Residential real estate prices are skyrocketing. Discover if the market is overheated, and how to make money in any market with proper financial education.

What Causes Inflation? (Episode 125)

SUMMARY: Discover why massive government spending does not lead to inflation. Richard Vague, Secretary of Banking & Securities of Pennsylvania, joins Andy to discuss his

End Of Banks (Episode 124)

SUMMARY: The financial system as we know it is coming to an end. Decentralized Finance will upend banking, credit, loans and commercial transactions. Economist Campbell

Inflation Nation (Episode 123)

SUMMARY: Andy continues his series on inflation with economist John Horn. Discover what options remain to curtail inflation, and what the risk is for runaway