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Free Market (Episode 133)

SUMMARY: Discover how free capitalist markets really are. Nicholas Wapshott joins Andy to discuss the ongoing debate about government influence …

Money's Midlife Crisis (Episode 132)

SUMMARY: Discover how money is quickly changing under Modern Monetary Theory, low interest rates and income inequality. Zvi Schreiber joins …

The Value Of Index Funds (Episode 131)

SUMMARY: Discover how the invention of index funds changed forever the way stocks are bought and sold. SHOW NOTES: 8:56: …

Economic Sins (Episode 130)

Summary: Just like The Seven Deadly Sins, there are Seven Economic Sins that can impede success in business. James Otteson …

Inside Inflation (Episode 129)

SUMMARY: Discover why inflation occurs and how you can prepare to live with it. Andy and a team of his …

Permanent Con (Episode 128)

SUMMARY: Discover how the financial system encourages fraud and discourages oversight. Jared Bibler joins Andy to discuss his work investigating …

Hollowed Out (Episode 127)

SUMMARY: Schools have become a lightning rod for our national divisiveness. Discover how technology and the failure of adults are …

Red-Hot Real Estate (Episode 126)

SUMMARY: Residential real estate prices are skyrocketing. Discover if the market is overheated, and how to make money in any …

What Causes Inflation? (Episode 125)

SUMMARY: Discover why massive government spending does not lead to inflation. Richard Vague, Secretary of Banking & Securities of Pennsylvania, …

End Of Banks (Episode 124)

SUMMARY: The financial system as we know it is coming to an end. Decentralized Finance will upend banking, credit, loans …

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Is Inflation Extinct? (Episode 114)

SUMMARY: Economist Richard Duncan joins Andy to discuss how the global economy has fundamentally changed. Discover how massive money printing may not bring inflation. SHOW

Rebound (Episode 113)

SUMMARY: Matt Doherty, the championship-level coach and basketball player, joins Andy to discuss the skills you can develop to turn failure into success. SHOW NOTES:

The Money Myth (Episode 112)

SUMMARY: Discover how currencies are fairytales. Frederick Kaufman joins Andy to discuss his research into the history of currencies, and how any successful investor must

Female Success (Episode 111)

SUMMARY: Discover how women adopt specific skills to become successful entrepreneurs. Charlene Walter joins Andy to discuss her research and personal experience in this field. 

Layered Money (Episode 110)

Discover how Bitcoin fits into the hierarchy of monies. Traders and investors will hear if the future of Bitcoin is to compete with or complement more established monies like the U.S. Dollar and gold.