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Inside Inflation (Episode 129)

SUMMARY: Discover why inflation occurs and how you can prepare to live with it. Andy and a team of his …

Permanent Con (Episode 128)

SUMMARY: Discover how the financial system encourages fraud and discourages oversight. Jared Bibler joins Andy to discuss his work investigating …

Hollowed Out (Episode 127)

SUMMARY: Schools have become a lightning rod for our national divisiveness. Discover how technology and the failure of adults are …

Red-Hot Real Estate (Episode 126)

SUMMARY: Residential real estate prices are skyrocketing. Discover if the market is overheated, and how to make money in any …

What Causes Inflation? (Episode 125)

SUMMARY: Discover why massive government spending does not lead to inflation. Richard Vague, Secretary of Banking & Securities of Pennsylvania, …

End Of Banks (Episode 124)

SUMMARY: The financial system as we know it is coming to an end. Decentralized Finance will upend banking, credit, loans …

Inflation Nation (Episode 123)

SUMMARY: Andy continues his series on inflation with economist John Horn. Discover what options remain to curtail inflation, and what …

Inside The Student Debt Crisis (Episode 122)

SUMMARY: Discover how student debt has ensnared so many families while enriching schools, politicians and bankers. Josh Mitchell joins Andy …

How History Informs Crypto

SUMMARY: Discover how America’s economic history led to the rise of crypto currencies. Gerald Dwyer joins Andy to discuss how …

American Inflation (Episode 120)

SUMMARY: Economist Desmond Lachman joins Andy in part 2 of the Inflation Series. Discover how fiscal policy will likely trigger …

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Protect Your Privacy (Episode 105)

SUMMARY: Big Tech has created the Data Economy, which exploits your personal and business privacy. Discover how you can protect your privacy while engaging in

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Market Wizards (Episode 104)

SUMMARY: Discover how the best traders set themselves apart. Jack Schwager joins Andy to share details about a lifetime of work interviewing and analyzing the

The Price Of Tomorrow (Episode 103)

SUMMARY: Monetary systems may no longer function under the rapid advances of technology. Discover how you can protect your wealth and navigate an uncertain future.

Faithful Investing (Episode 102)

SUMMARY: Jewel Tankard joins Andy for an inspiring discussion of faith and entrepreneurship. SHOW NOTES: 1:48: How Did Jewel’s Parents Inspire Her To Be An

Life After COVID (Episode 101)

SUMMARY: What will the world look like after COVID? Discover how business, school and investing will emerge post pandemic. Mauro Guillen joins Andy to discuss

Improving Capitalism (Episode 100)

SUMMARY: Income inequality is an issue that affects the poor, middle class and rich. Warren Valdmanis joins Andy to discuss solutions for challenges facing capitalism.