It’s About the Mentors (Episode 018)

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Tune in with Andy Tanner as he discusses the importance of good mentors in furthering our personal wealth and our financial education – and how those two things really aren’t different! Find out who his personal mentors have been, how he connected with him, and what they taught him. Also, if you’re wondering how to connect with a mentor in your own life, take a look at our previous podcast where Andy Tanner talks to Bryan Thayer about networking strategies: Episode 015: The Best Ways to Raise Capital.

If you have questions for Andy about finding mentors, connect with him on twitter or Facebook. He’d love to hear your questions, comments, and ideas!

Show Notes:

[00:00] Intro

[00:42] Reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Changing Our Mindset from Buying Liabilities to Buying Assets

[01:59] Disciplinarian Financial Advisors vs. Creative and Educational Financial Advisors

[03:42] Reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad Again! and Looking for Mentors

[04:52] It's About the Mentors

[05:42] Our First Mentor – Learning By Doing
   1. Funding – He had money that wasn't from a bank.
   2.Finding – Finding a deal through contacts, marketing, research
   3. Fixing – Connecting with contractors to do the work
   4. Finding Again – Finding renters

[11:58] The Difference a Mentor Can Make – Night and Day

[12:50] A Context Shift – Instead of Looking For Assets, Look for the Right People

[14:05] Confidence Will Come From Mentorship

[16:51] List The Mentors That You Have in Your Life Mentally

[17:59] A New Year's Goal – To Expand Your Circle In Terms of Mentors

[18:31] Thank You To Previous Mentors

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