The Best Place To Raise Capital (Episode 015)

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Andy Tanner talks with Bryan Thayer In this special episode. They share insights on how to raise capital for business and real estate deals and how you may already have access to that capital and not know about it. Bryan shares valuable insights about networking and the mindset to use when approaching anybody with an opportunity.

Show Notes:

[00:17] Overview of today’s show and topics

[01:41] Andy recently spoke at a conference sharing how to raise capital for real estate deals

[03:52] The number one skill of an entrepreneur is to raise capital

[04:39] Introducing special guest Bryan Thayer, author of The One Minute Networker

[07:31] The best way to grow your business is to network and be a friend

[08:10] Andy and Bryan talk about their 20+ years of friendship and starting over 200 businesses

[09:08] Your capital is your network. Everything you need is within that network.

[10:45] How to tap into the cashflow of your network

[13:10] Don’t ask what your network can do for you, ask what you can do for the network first.

[14:21] True networking is creating partnerships and creating relationships that last a long time

[18:18] The more people you serve the richer you get

[18:56] Who do you know? – The fastest way to get where you want to go.

[21:51] Networking isn’t something you do. It’s something you let happen to you.

[28:05] Why people are afraid to approach people when raising capital

[34:27] How Bryan approaches phone conversations in his networking.

[36:09] A person that is convinced is convincing

[43:32] Story of June Morris of Morris Air and how nobody does it alone

[51:01] Bryan’s new book Life Leaves Clues

[53:16] Talking about Bryan’s new business Pixingo


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