Savers are Losers – Video Rant

Saver are losers: American’s just aren’t savers, but is that a bad thing? Is there a better way to prepare for finical independence? Watch this short video rant to hear my take.

Broad Market Review – 3/25/15

Does a “double top” mean that the market is coming to an end? Check out this week’s Broad Market Review to get the proper perspective on what’s going on.

A Valuable Lesson On Debt

Let’s take a look at debt in the context of a financial statement to see what we can learn from the situation in Poland: In the recent New York Times article, Homeowners in Poland Borrowed in Swiss Francs and Now Pay Dearly, we learn that many homeowners in Poland have found themselves in financial trouble … Read More

Broad Market Review – 2/4/2015

Taking a look at different indexes in the stock market helps us make decisions on how we might trade. I like to look at the broad market because big changes in the stock market are caused by the flow of institutional money, also referred to as “smart money.” Institutions tend to buy sectors rather than … Read More

Broad Market Review – 1/27/2015

There have been a lot of interesting patterns in the market lately. We take a look at them as well and the economic calendar to get the clarity we need in this week’s Broad Market Review.

My Take on Robert Kiyosaki’s “Second Chance”

Robert Kiyosaki’s new book, “Second Chance,” is THE “Big Picture” book you need to get the most out of your money, your life, and the world. Watch this short video to see what this book has forced me to reconsider, and find out what he wrote on a sticky note he included in my advanced … Read More

Broad Market Review 1/19/2014

Let’s take a look at the market for the week of January 15, 2015. Forecasting the market is not an exact science. We’ve been fortunate with our recent successes, but it’s impossible for anyone to be correct every time. Will this be the week that I’m wrong? Only time will tell. Last Monday, I said … Read More

Broad Market Review 1-5-14

Has the price of oil gone too low? What about the Eurozone? I lean on technical analysis to help solidify my market position in this weeks “Broad Market” review.