Amateur vs. Professional Investors

If you are serious about learning how to create your own reliable income from the stock market, watch this full video now. You’ll discover why it’s so difficult for amateur investors to make any money in the market. (Hint: it’s because they do it the hard way.) Then I will show you how professional investors … Read More

A Death Cross Isn’t Always Scary

An article recently appeared on MarketWatch bearing the title “Dow death cross is a bearish omen for the stock market.” Does this mean it’s time to panic? Should I run for the hills right now? Should I get a preacher to exorcise the demons that are causing this supposed Dow omen? Referring to the death … Read More

What is the Latest on Oil?

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about oil. Those of you in our mentor club know that I’ve been building a position in oil investment over the last six months. This past week presented some changes that have caused me to adjust my position. I’ve decided to go short for the short-term, and I … Read More