Are We Crashing Yet?

Well, the financial news outlets are going nuts. Nothing new there. Everybody is wondering if the big crash is starting now. So I created a short video to explain my thoughts for you. You’ll see how the current market compares to big crashes in the past. Most importantly, you’ll understand why I invest the way … Read More

A Fun ‘Just in Case’ Trade

Today is Wednesday March 15, 2017. The Fed is expected to announce a rate hike today. So the question is, how will this affect us as investors? And is there a way for us to profit in this situation? Watch this short video to see how Andy sets up a “Just In Case” trade – … Read More

Andy’s Take: Boomers Will Continue to Struggle

Why Boomers Will Continue to Struggle Headlines such as this break your heart: “With $15 Left in the Bank, a Baby Boomer Makes Peace With Less.” But I predict that we’re going to see more and more like this in the coming months and years. That’s because the problems with retirement age people are bigger … Read More